How to refer candidates?

Veronica Ching
Veronica Ching

Step 1: Sign up on Recruitopia platform

Please go to this link to register an account

After filling in all the information, press the “Sign up” button.

Next, you open your inbox and find the latest email from Recruitopia. Click on the link to activate. All done; now you can start referring!

Step 2: Login and view jobs

You go to this link to log in:

After successfully logging in, you will see a list of active jobs.

Every job has a reward allocated to it - this is what you earn when a candidate you referred is hired. As well as how many candidates have been referred for that position.

To see more details about the job, you can click on “View Job”.

Step 3: Refer candidates

Select the job post to which you'd like to refer candidates, then click on the “Refer Now” button.

Then, you must fill in a submission form including the candidate's contact information, CV and recommendation (why the candidate is suitable for the position). After that, click the “Add” and “Send” buttons to send the candidate.

Your referred candidate receives an email that tells them about the referral and requires their verification of acceptance, and all they need to do is click the “Accept” button. Therefore, please remind candidates to check their inboxes and accept the referral.

Yay, now you have referred a candidate!

You can track the status of each of your referred candidates through your dashboard. You will get the position's reward through a bank transfer when your candidate is hired.

Refer to Terms of Use and Recruiting Agreement, Section 4.

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