How should I introduce myself to candidates?

Veronica Ching
Veronica Ching

When you talk to candidates, it's important to let them know that a Recruitopia Talent Advisor will reach out to them via email about the position you're considering them for. Here's a sample script to use:

"Hi, my name is [NAME], and I'm an independent recruiter, partnering with Recruitopia, a referral community that connects candidates, like you, to great clients across the country. I'm reaching out because I think you would be a great fit for (POSITION TITLE) in (CITY/STATE) and want to see if you're interested in learning more about the opportunity."

Should you share the hiring company?

Candidates want and often need to know where they're applying before allowing a recruiter to represent them. But you want to share the hiring company information with them at the right time. Why? 

We want to ensure your hard work of finding a great candidate and being their #1 advocate in their search for a new job can be rewarded!

Tell your candidate that you would be happy to disclose the hiring company but that by working with you as their recruiter, they have more direct access to the hiring managers and a higher chance of receiving an interview than if they applied themselves.

Reassure them that you have their best interest in mind and want to represent them as best as possible to help them land the job, but you can't do that if they apply with the company themselves. Candidates, unfortunately, cannot be represented by Recruitopia if they directly submitted an application to a client or have already been considered by the client's team. 

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